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Long time no entry

April 7th, 2018 at 02:08 am

While I do not blog often I do read.

Thought I would bring you up to date.

In October I had a small medical procedure Everything turned out okay however I maxed out my deductible and had to divert funds to my Health Savings Account.

Life changed a bit in November. My df suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. He was hospitalized for 4 weeks and 1 day. He is doing well.

Thankfully finances are on auto pilot.

I am still working on bringing down debt. At the end of March total debt is 77472.02. Just mortgage and Helco.

I am funding a car repair/replacement fund. There is a little over 2000.00 saved.

Well that is all for now.

2 Responses to “Long time no entry”

  1. Dido Says:

    Sorry to hear about the medical problems; glad you are both doing better now!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    So sorry about your DH's stroke and your own medical procedure. Glad you are both faring well.

    Good job on saving for a car repair/replacement fund.

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